Gwendolyn Desdemona Mercutio Gunn is the author of the Biomancer Quinet, a 5-part fantasy series with feminist and transhumanist overtones, including BiomancyBioenhancement, and the upcoming Biomelioration. She also publishes Tabanica: Finding Home, a YA-friendly serial fantasy novella, as well as short fiction, on her patreon page. Previously, she was known for writing film & video game columns for various and sundry sources.

Desdemona was born in California, but doesn't remember a thing about it, being raised in Montana. She currently holds an Associate's Degree in Journalism and is putting it to use running a tea tavern and writing fantasy novels. She is openly transgender (MtF).

While she primarily writes fantasy, Des is also a fan of the science-fiction genre and the graphic novel medium. The majority of the writings are and will be fantasy, both high and modern, with potentially the occasional sci-fi or other-genre'd story. There are plans for a graphic novel, but nothing is finalized yet. If there are any artists out there that happen to be drawn to her writing style, she would definitely be interested in a proposal.

Please note that Des does not generally tag work with "NSFW" tags. The content published both on this website and within her books are intended to be read by an audience that is comfortable with the concept of sex, violence, and "mature" language. This does not mean that her works include regular explicit sex scenes or visceral descriptions of beheading and evisceration, just that one might be wary of such things in her work. However, there is a good chance mature content (language, sexual situations, etc.) will crop up in. Any stories with belligerently explicit scenes will be tagged as "NSFW." This tag will not be present on any with explicit language.

In general, the Biomancer Quintet will include violence, explicit language, and sexual situations (potentially explicit). Tabanica does not contain explicit language or explicit sex, though may contain non-explicit sexual situations and violence, though again, not explicit. The rest of her work? Up in the air. Please note that none of Des' works include sexual violence, as she finds this abhorrent. Don't email her explaining why it's necessary and needs to be talked about. She doesn't like it. She doesn't wanna write about it. No rape here.

If you find a typo, please get ahold of her. Don't worry, she won't think you're pretentious or obnoxious for telling her why she's wrong. She promises.