Who I am


My name's Desdemona. Call me Des. Or Desi. Either works.

I'm an independent author from beautiful Red Lodge, MT.
I write fantasy, but have a penchant for the journalistic and science fiction.
Mostly, I'm known for the Biomancer Quintet.
But check out my Patreon.

I'm also teamaster of a small tea bar in Red Lodge.
It's the Phoenix Pearl Tea Tavern.
Sometimes, I write stories about teas.
They provide a good writing prompt.




I publish regular content behind a paywall on a site called Patreon. It's basically an on-going kickstarter.

Essentially, you can get an on-going novella series for $4/month (which includes spurts of other short fiction as they ).

Here's the deets.

This is a serial I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. She’s a character that’s been in my head for years, and I’ve had her story worked out for a while, but I just haven’t figured out how to do her. My Patreon Barons ($4+/month) have access to a new chapter of this ongoing novella every month.

I'm posting a chapter of this adventuring serial once a month outlining the story of Tabanica, huntress of the wilds of Southern Runnir, and how she interacts with the world. It takes place in the same universe as the Biomancer Quintet, so the Adra universe, so it has the same species of folk and same land masses you know and love .

The first chapter is TOTALLY FREE! You can read it right here!

In calling my tea shop a tavern, I don’t hesitate to give my blends creative names akin to beers in a brewery. People ask me what the significance of naming a prickly pear herbal “Mojave Outpost” is, or what the name “Minthe’s Tears” means, or what the connection between “King Danava” and a Lemon Assam is. These are the stories that bridge those gaps. These are my logic, the method to my madness, put into prose form.

See, I struggled with a prompt for my free-writing. Someone suggested I turn the stories I tell in the bar into writing, and I pumped out a good four of them in one session. You don't need to know the tea to enjoy them, you don't need to be drinking it to know what's going on, you can just take them as little stories and be done.

Here's a free Infusion to show you what they're all about!

The Mead Wars

It's my hope that I get to do this after a time. It's a goal after a certain funding goal is met.

The Mead Wars is an adaptation of a Pathfinder campaign I played years ago that I’ve wanted to adapt into prose form for quite a while. A lot of my best stories come from D&D, hell, Biomancy started as me writing down the campaign I was playing in and evolved well beyond that.

This will be a thriller set in Liam Albreight’s and Osadoguhn Viaxy’s youths when they were just getting started in the Gorenyan Guild of Assassins. It will take place in Kunurin, a town in Vol’Tyr that specializes in the production and sale of premium meads, as well as other trades. But things will turn dark for our heroes as they find out that not all is shiny in the mead capitol of Vol’Tyr.



Here's all the books I have in print. Go ahead and hit the title or cover to go to the buy page.

Biomancer #01:

This first book in the Biomancer Quintet is a transhumanist fantasy with a predominantly female cast of characters. If you use magic to restore your humanity, do you become more human, or do you end up sacrificing exactly what you were trying to rebuild?

Biomancer #02:

Bioenhancement deals with the fallout from the ambitious actions in Biomancy. Ties are broken and pacts are made, forging alliances in a war no one wanted and that no one can really win.

3-Biocide Placeholder.png

Biomancer #03:

Scheduled for release Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.

Biocide takes place 100 turns (nearly a decade of Earth time) after the events of Bioenhancement, taking a look at the world through fresh eyes.

Free Fiction